A view from the MacRitchie Reservoir


That’s how I feel being in Singapore since I landed on Saturday evening.

It feels different.

There’s a certain scent in the air that reminds me I am in Asia.  This is the scent when I was in Cambodia and in Hong Kong.

I am very bless to have two friends, Wai Jia and Andrew, who take care of me since I land.

I am staying at Andrew’s place in the time being.  Last night, Wai Jia and I went to a landlord ot finda room for me.  The place looks good. I am renting one bedroom.  The price is reasonable.

Today is a Muslim holiday in Singapore.

I took the time to go to MacRichie Reservoir.  It is a beautiful place.  Trees and forests along the reservoir.  Family, joggers and children are milling around.  EThe sun is out with a few clouds.
I am still in awe that I am in Sinagpore.  It seems only like yesterday when I was in Mississauga.  Working at WSI.  Driving around.

There are local street market (Hawkai center) where food is cheap and it is very local.  This is so different than back home where we will have to drive 10-15 min for food.  Singapore is diverse in culture and people.  You can see it especially in the food that are serve.  There are many types which I never seen before.  I think they are from Malaysia.

Tomorrow I will be going to OMF for morning prayer. I am hoping to settle down a bit.   Like starting a  bank account, getting money for the next few months.  Then I can pay for the rent and start transitioning to the new place.

A stray cat at the block where I live. 

Many Singaporeans will travel abroad because Singapore is a city and there‚Äôs not much to see.  The irony is that for me, everything is new.  Food to discover, places to explore and culture to appreciate.

In a pleasant surprise, Wai Jia told me to bring my bike over because she sold my bike to a friend of hers.  For a while I was skeptical.  I called her and asked her if she just want to bring my bike over for me.  She denied it.

When I came out of the airport, she told me that she purchased the bike for me.  :O)
Funny how I told everyone I sold my bike.  It ended up I am keeping it after all.

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