Something ain’t right…


It seems to be more than appropriate that I am feeling like this particularly at the end of my season. Tonight, I shared with a brother, something ain’t right.

I was sharing how looking back the past two years…as a Christian, there is a whole lot I am missing.

I was thinking what I have done for the Kingdom. Did I have an impact to my community?

A few weeks ago my fellowship was sharing food to the needy in Square One. There was one lady. Her story just touched me. And to be honest, I am little uncomfortable conversing with her.

I am bit startled by my own feelings. Why do I feel this way?

I was telling my friend perhaps it is easy to shelter myself from the poor. Living in suburban it is very easy to not put the poor in mind. There is no homeless people in the neighborhood. Out of sight and out of mind.

Maybe that’s why lately I am feeling frustrated and uneasy. I am more than blessed. With food, with transportation. With a job. With a family. With being alive.

And this is where the truth sticks.

The truth is that as a Christian, my impact to my community is very little. As light to the world, I dim. As salt of the earth, I am quite plain.

…like the merchant who found the pearl, Lord, I am throwing out all the junk in my life. I am clearing deck. And I am struggling. Hopefully in a good way. Struggle to seek the narrow gate. Not with my eyes. But blindfolded by faith. So that I can truly see.

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