God the Restorer – Jeremiah 32


I am currently taking a course, Know Your Bible. One of the assignments is to write a five page paper on two of the Major Prophets. After writing so many papers from University, you would think I can handle a five page essay easy peasy.  It wasn’t.  I chose Isaiah and Jeremiah because I desired to know more about them. In order to write this paper, I read most of their books. Mind you, that’s 66...

They arrived!


A month ago, I purchased ten Bibles and shipped them to Nigeria to help a Christian brother out.  I blogged about it and shared how hard it was for me to do so. The Bibles took a month to get to Nigeria.  Since I ordered it, I often wondered if they would get there.  Because you never know if they shipped it to the wrong place.  Or hold up in customs. As I continued to live my...

Bible is inerrant


Lesson from today’s class.
The Bible is inerrant.  That is the Bible contains no error.

However, the person who interpret the Bible is not inerrant.  

One more reason why we should study the Scripture to say what it is trying to say instead of us trying to put ideas into the Scripture….

Debts and debtors


I was reading Matthew 6 this morning….the Lord’s prayer… 9 “This, then, is how you should pray:    ” ‘Our Father in heaven,    hallowed be your name, 10  your kingdom come,    your will be done       on earth as it is in heaven. 11 Give us today our daily bread. 12  Forgive us our debts...

Sunday Morning Reflection


Note: I notice I say ‘you know’ and ehh a lot.  😀 I am also using a NASB bible. In this blog, I mostly use NIV translation.  At least the river scene is nice! The sermon I was reflecting is from Tim Keller -> ;[4 min 30 sec into the sermon] If you stand praying and holding anything against anyone, forgive him.  Right there.  That’s what this...

Relating with the Bible


A few years ago, one of my friends asked another friend who recently became a Christian the following question: “Isn’t the Bible just fill with stories and fairy tales to convert people?” He answered in a very sincere manner. That if the people put the Bible together to convince people, there will be many things that they don’t need to put in it. On the way drive home from...

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