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Priorities in a Christ-Centered Relationship


If you are a regular to Church, or perhaps you are part of a fellowship, you will often hear the message that we ought to put Christ first in our lives. And sometimes we ask that ourselves, how am I doing that in my life? And sometimes we think it is an impossible ideal.  What God ask for, to give up our lives, deny ourselves, sell our stuff and follow Him is impossible.  Worst, it is...



There‚Äôs a time when it must walk among the branches, looking over the height, over its surrounding.  It must flap its wings.  For a moment thinking whether they will hold itself in the air.  There might be a sense of fear, excitement and above all, unknown. How will flight taste like? I am not sure if birds think as human do.  Maybe it is part of their gene and wiring...

2012, a new year


Going to do a quick blog post before I go to OMF morning prayer.  There’s a general feeling of reminisce at the end of a year.  2011.  What was I doing at the beginning of the year? What happened? What’s going on now?What did I miss? What were the most memorable moments? As often, looking back one year it feels like time went back really quickly and at the same time a...

Meaning of Marriage (Christian Context)


I was given a task to answer the question: what does marriage means to me? Not that I given this topic much thought as I wasn’t in a relationship or never really thought about marriage (or at least thought about it seriously).  I always find it fascinating that marriage was already define in second chapter of Genesis.  It is after the creation story and right after God create man...

Signs of Spiritual Growth


– who preacher help me grow the most? – I have no one to connect with in this fellowship, I am outta here. – who can I talk to when I need help? – who can pray for me and listen to my needs? – I can only worship with these songs – that sermon is so boring, what a waste of time – God is not here.  This is too hard.  I am not ready. God is gone...

Christianity is not about you


A while ago… I told a Christian brother that following Jesus is not about him… …there was a moment of silent and the conversation went somewhere else.  Looking back, I think I sounded quite snobby and disrespectful. Yesterday I came across a blog post that made me reflected what I said a while ago. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to...

Questions, Thinking, Sunday School Answers


This post is probably a bit of rambling from what I experience tonight and my own walk as a Christian. Tonight, a friend and I had a discussion about how to pray and what’s the best way to pray. It was a wonderful discussion about God, dating, seeking His Will, temptation and everything in between. At one point, I asked my friend a few questions… – how come we have to pray when...

How do you see your work fitting into faith?


A friend asked me where do I see my work and my faith.  How do they interwine?  Here’s my response….. You are asking a loaded question…one that I can spend forever to answer :)…(which I probably will and expect this to be a long email). The biggest lesson I learn from triathlon is the order of things when it comes to serving God.  I learn to let go of the...

Forgiving others


This week, my church is having Vacation Bible School (VBS). The children pastor last night shared in Prayer meeting about some of the difficult kids that she had to work with.  She had great wisdom.  She already expect some kids would be trouble makers. There were two kids who often get into fights.  She spoke to each of them.  Later the day, one of the kids went to the pastor...

Repost: Casual vs Captive


Taken from a friend’s blog: George Barna in The Seven Faith Tribes: Who They Are, What They Believe, and Why They Matter Casual Christianity is faith in moderation. This particular tribe is comprised of significant proportions of minimally active born again Christians and moderately active but theologically nominal Christians. It allows them to feel religious without having to prioritize...

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