Mercy and Grace


Of all the lessons and reflection on God’s Mercy and Grace, I still think I still live in a life of expectations, performance and works. I remember a prof use to say that looking back, if he’s going to error, he will error in grace. As a do-er (I am a high D on DISC), the frustration that comes often is relate to doing.  This is not righteous anger or holy discontent.  In a...

Why do we have to die to get to heaven?


D asked me this question… Why do we have to die in order to get to heaven? Why do we have to die in order to attain a good life? I stopped eating my pho, put my chop sticks down, looked squarely into D’s eyes in which I replied…. You are asking the wrong question.  The question we should all be asking to ourselves is why do God willing to let His Son died for us to get to...

Agendas and expectation


Each of us has our own agendas. A wise Christian sister said that prior to my vision quest to Cambodia earlier this year. It is true.  When it comes to serving God, we have expectations on what we might view as the right way.  God’s way of doing things.  And sometimes, our motives, at times we might consider as pure and noble, can be clouded with pride, discord and our own...



This is taken from an email I sent earlier today…I figure this is a good example of God’s Grace. …I remembered my friend’s father said that in the wedding as well.  When we are faithful to Him, He will be faithful to us.  I understand where this is coming from (Old Testament reference, God is our heavenly father). BUT I think God is faithful to us even when we...

Grace and works


Not intended as pun, our world view does make us ‘view’ the world differently. Since I done an Ironman in 2007, a lot of my friends and love ones often congratulate me and asked me how is it possible for me to ‘work’ to earn this Ironman.  In our society, the idea that you have to work to earn it is very strong.  If you want to get a better job, you...

Ten seconds of Grace


Is she trying to cut into my lane? How dare she?  She is on the left turn lane. She must be one of those people who drive on the left turn lane and change lane in the last minute to cut through the traffic. I hate people like that.  Break the rules so they can gain ahead.  It is so unfair.  She must be looking for some poor sucker to let her in.  Well, I ain’t going...

A stranger to forgiveness and grace


I admit I am still a stranger when it comes to forgiveness and grace. I was listening to Tim Keller’s sermon  (the sermon is And Kissed Him. One of the seven series on The Prodigal God.) on forgiveness. There is a few part of the sermon that struck me.  He said that we might know how to forgive in our head but if we are still holding on grudge and pride, we do not understand...

Justice and Grace


A while ago, when my church had a disagreement.  People started putting up sides.  Preparing to defend based on what they heard and seen. I was angry, too.  I remembered saying, ‘I want justice.’ As weeks go on, I reflected on it.  I feel the pain and the sadness.  I no longer want justice.  I desire grace. A lot of justice and no grace feels hallow...

Samson, a man of faith!?!


A long long time ago, my English Pastor wore a wig on the pulpit.  It was pretty funny.  The sermon was about how Samson’s strength is not from his hair but from God. (Source: Wikipedia) In most of the lessons I learnt, whether  from Sunday School or fellowship, at the end of it is that we shouldn’t be like Samson.  After all, we had one of the judges who kept...

Grace, mercy, forgiving one another


A chat from last night with a friend… “look, you might make a point about a decision which I disagree. But in your eyes it might make perfect sense. What should I do? Should I tell you that your point is wrong? What if you did try your best? Should I tell you you ain’t working hard enough? But in your eyes you are doing the best that you can. How can I encourage you? Pointing...

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