Transfer Pictures from iPhone to PC Wirelessly


Recently, we had trouble transferring photos from my wife’s iPhone 4S to the computer. Window 7 cannot recognize the phone when we plugged in. We tried updating iTunes, changing the cable and nothing seemed to work. These are the common fixes on Google and I am running out of ideas. The phone is getting full and my wife needs to clear her phone but wanted to keep her pictures and videos. A few...

IT Guide: General strategies to reduce Internet bandwidth usage


I wrote a few guides on how to reduce Internet bandwidth usage for specific devices. They are: iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) Android devices (phone and tablet) Windows 7 What I like to add is there are general strategies that can help you use even less bandwidth. You can apply them to regardless of the device (Windows, iOS, Android) you are using. Do keep in mind that by using one or few of these...

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