Devotion: Holy Spirit and Mission


My church in Canada is sending a youth team to Peru for mission. I made a video devotion focusing on the importance of seeking the Holy Spirit while doing mission.
I also included two examples of how the Holy Spirit worked in our lives. One of them happned here in Uganda.

When Empathy is not enough (a missionary musing)


Before coming to Uganda with my wife as missionaries, I served in Singapore for 2 ½ years.   Singapore was the first place where I served as a long term missionary.   Given that Singapore is well developed, you would think it was easy for me to transit, right?   Unfortunately, my experience was far from smooth.   My wife had to spend many nights listening...

I didn’t even have a fork


Tam Wai Jia wrote a very good piece entitled, “I Didn’t Even Have a Fork.” It is about a lady from the church we attended in Uganda. From living on the streets, her life is restored through the care of the local pastor. Sometimes we don’t know the effect we have when we lend a helping hand.   You can read it at 

How to go


This is taken from Oswald Chambers’ So I send You & Workmen of God. How to go – Acts 1:8 There is always the danger of starting up false enthusiasm in missionary work. “Oh yes, I will go; where shall I go?” That is like making a false start in a race and having to go back to the starting point. Our Lord’s word go simply means live, and Acts 1:8 describes the...

The Call


I packed Oswald Chambers’ two books in one, So Send I You and Workmen of God, with us to Uganda. One of the joyful moments we have every morning is reading one chapter for devotion. Since following his devotion’s My Utmost for His Highest, I enjoyed reading Oswald Chambers’ writings. His words bring clarity to Spiritual truths in such a profound way I don’t get from reading other authors. I am...

Jackie Pullinger’s sharing in GO2013


I found this video earlier this week and Wai Jia and I watched it together. We were both moved and learnt a lot regarding missions. A few key I learnt from the video: We can learn how to pray for healing and cast out demons. We need to be very intentional about missions. Are we doing for the people or are we doing it for our own experience? We need to see mission more than just a two weeks trip...

First Time Preaching


Before Christmas we went to India on a ten day mission trip.  We were living with an American missionary couple and it was a great experience for us.  The lesson to stay flexible is a continuous reminder on this trip.  Originally we were supposed to go to visit churches in rural area.   We packed with basic necessities like drinking water.  Unfortunately, on the way there our guide’s father-in...

Being In Christ


I wrote this post a few weeks ago.  It just took some time to publish it. Today’s morning prayer we studied Colossians 2:6-7.   Our homework from yesterday was to bring an object that symbolize this passage.  As each of us brought different items and explain to others what they stand for, someone brought this model to represent our walk with Christ.    So then, just as you received...

Following Jesus to Smokey Mountain


This is how wikipedia describes Smokey Mountain: Smokey Mountain is the term coined for a large landfill located in Manila, Philippines. The area was cleared decades ago and became the site of numerous public housings for the impoverished people living in the slums surrounding the landfill. The slums were also cleared, which was the home of 30,000 people that make their living from picking...



Sometime encouragement comes in the unlikely places. This is from Jason. A friend who followed my blog for a few years. He was coming through Singapore a few months ago on his way to Cambodia.  We had a chance to stop by for a coffee. This is the email he wrote after he went home (Australia) from Cambodia. As I mentioned, been meaning to send this photo through to you for a while, for...

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