Fast Car


A while back, me and a friend was talking about another friend getting a fast car.  My friend made a comment… You can’t serve the poor driving a fast car. While I was brushing my teeth, that comment and the thought of being missional popped into my head. Inevitably, someone might confused a church with an attractive model (draw people to the church with services and programs)...

A journey into missions….


Tonight was a rough night.  I had to drop off groceries to three people.  One of the drop offs were missing a bag and there was an incident with someone receiving the wrong bag.  So I spent the night driving around Mississauga back and fourth  to make sure everyone got the right groceries.  I wasn’t in the mood for this.  I often wonder why I do what I do...

Christmas Lunch…


“Where’s everyone?” My pastor asked as I was setting chairs and the tables in the social hall. I replied, “I do not know. They should be coming.” Yesterday was an unusual Saturday. My normal routine was to go to the Y, swim, then bike for a few hours. Instead, I found myself in my church’s social hall. My church was having a lunch potluck. A brother worked at a...

Sharing with kids how to be missional


Today, I had the pleasure of speaking in my church’s children worship. It was the first time attending the service and I must admit it was quite a scene to see kids, the next generation, worshiping God. I did a Q&A with my youth pastor. We talked about my experience with God. Talked about Open Doors. Talked about going out to Nathan Phillip Square and feeding those in need. To be...



Tonight, I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while. She is getting ready to go to Australia to check out a few Universities. I shared all the great sights and experiences down south. She was making a decision whether to stay here to study for her Masters (and save some money) or go to Oz. I told her once she went down she would never want to come back. Hehe 😛 The conversation...

Operation Bring The Kids Back to School (recap)


Hi everyone,

I just want to say thanks for everyone who pitch in and help out to supply school supplies to help kids to go back to school.

Tomorrow, I will be dropping the supplies off.

Just want to say praise the Lord for there is a great need out there and HE answers…

Thank you for helping our (little) neighbours =DD


Engage the culture


I was thinking the way I share the gospel. I rather how often I use church terms and lingos to talk to unbelievers. I remember one time I use the word fellowship and the other person scroff and said, ‘What was that…Lord of the rings?’ Too true too true. I don’t think non-believers care about the term fellowship. I mean, they don’t understand it. Or devotional or...

My King is moving


Today I attended BASIC Toronto’s Conference call Heart Matters in the City. It is a youth worship conference to rally them to love the city as Jesus would. Through the worship, all I can think about is Open Door and Mississauga. I was listening to Reggie McNeal the other day. He was talking about the King is on the move and the church in AD 30 was trying to catch up. Sometimes, when I sit...

Prayer Jog…walk!?!


Yesterday, I decided to go out for a jog. I am very out of shape. I haven’t run since the Half Ironman I did a week and a half ago. Fitness drops sharply when we don’t exercise. A jog quickly become a puffing content and I decided to walk instead. As I walked around my neighborhood, I asked many things. I was thinking how to reach those who live in Mississauga. My city. There were...

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