I sat there with a cup of coffee in my hand.  The coffee wasn’t the greatest.  There wasn’t any sugar available.  It was bitter and it was stale. There were many sweets and cakes.  I wasn’t too hungry.  Nor do I want too much sugar going in my system. I sat at the corner watching.  For once a week, I go to a food bank and to drop off grocery. It was...

Christmas Lunch…


“Where’s everyone?” My pastor asked as I was setting chairs and the tables in the social hall. I replied, “I do not know. They should be coming.” Yesterday was an unusual Saturday. My normal routine was to go to the Y, swim, then bike for a few hours. Instead, I found myself in my church’s social hall. My church was having a lunch potluck. A brother worked at a...



Tonight, I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while. She is getting ready to go to Australia to check out a few Universities. I shared all the great sights and experiences down south. She was making a decision whether to stay here to study for her Masters (and save some money) or go to Oz. I told her once she went down she would never want to come back. Hehe 😛 The conversation...

Quiteness, Doing and Loving…


Quietness… I wouldn’t say lately I am feeling good. I always feel a deep burden for the lost. The feeling to be alone. To not do anything. Even though, there is many things I should be doing. I just want to stop for a min. I know I should rejoice to be in awe of my salvation….I have an urge to lament. The thought of Mississauga. The city with so many people. So little of them...

Share the Good News!


When it’s all said and done..more is said. That was my response to a friend a while ago over the topic of evangelism and outreach in our local church. We study the passage to death (Matthew 28:18-20). We have events to fire up people to go out and share the Good News. We have group activities, sharing, games to talk about evangelism, Great Commission. Yet all these effort, the proclaiming...

Operation Bring The Kids Back to School (recap)


Hi everyone,

I just want to say thanks for everyone who pitch in and help out to supply school supplies to help kids to go back to school.

Tomorrow, I will be dropping the supplies off.

Just want to say praise the Lord for there is a great need out there and HE answers…

Thank you for helping our (little) neighbours =DD


Operation Bring The Kids Back to School


Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I sleep in today and got up at 11 something :D. I was speaking with Krista from Open Door and she mentioned to me that the kids need school supplies to go to school. I know when I was in grade school, the school use to provide supplies. Like glue, crayons and markers. (Hehe, I use to take them back home.) Nowadays the school doesn’t...

Engage the culture


I was thinking the way I share the gospel. I rather how often I use church terms and lingos to talk to unbelievers. I remember one time I use the word fellowship and the other person scroff and said, ‘What was that…Lord of the rings?’ Too true too true. I don’t think non-believers care about the term fellowship. I mean, they don’t understand it. Or devotional or...

My King is moving


Today I attended BASIC Toronto’s Conference call Heart Matters in the City. It is a youth worship conference to rally them to love the city as Jesus would. Through the worship, all I can think about is Open Door and Mississauga. I was listening to Reggie McNeal the other day. He was talking about the King is on the move and the church in AD 30 was trying to catch up. Sometimes, when I sit...

Prayer Jog…walk!?!


Yesterday, I decided to go out for a jog. I am very out of shape. I haven’t run since the Half Ironman I did a week and a half ago. Fitness drops sharply when we don’t exercise. A jog quickly become a puffing content and I decided to walk instead. As I walked around my neighborhood, I asked many things. I was thinking how to reach those who live in Mississauga. My city. There were...

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