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Email sent earlier today…

Hey Im,
Here is my church’s location – 5710 KENNEDY RD
The name of the church is called Mississauga Chinese Alliance Church. We have a service at 9:30. You can come by around 10..if you want. Afterwards at 11 we are going to have a light snack and cake. You can join us.
If any questions, just ask me. See you this Sun.

A Creative God at play


D is a 70 yr old man that live in Mississauga. He is a competitive rower and since I am a triathlete, we have a lot in common in regards to racing and competition. D is unemployed, struggling to pay bills and has family problems as well. Through the years of hanging out with him, it is cool to see God working in his life. I remembered him asking me who Christians are how they are diff than...

Christmas Lunch…


“Where’s everyone?” My pastor asked as I was setting chairs and the tables in the social hall. I replied, “I do not know. They should be coming.” Yesterday was an unusual Saturday. My normal routine was to go to the Y, swim, then bike for a few hours. Instead, I found myself in my church’s social hall. My church was having a lunch potluck. A brother worked at a...

A life of outreach? Or an outreach life?


Sometimes I wonder what if I consider every day night as an outreach event. Going to the YMCA to do a few miles repeat. Outreach event. Going to work. Outreach event. Going to Moe’s to pick up a burrito. Outreach event. I think sometimes when we think about outreach, we have to spend a lot of time and effort to prepare. Say print gospel tracts. Get this and that. It is almost like we have...

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