Missing Home


Sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss home until you receive an invitation to your best friend’s wedding.  As you look through the wedding website and see who is the best man and groomsmen, you can’t help to feel you should be there…. ….perhaps this is what real friends are.  You want to be there to celebrate the good times and reflect on the...



A while ago, I read an article relate to those who work in the IT field.  Since most of our work are virtual (bits and bytes), there’s a invigorating feeling when we perform physical work, like chores.  The rationale is we get to physically see and touch things we accomplished. Perhaps this is why I enjoy chores.  Yes it is work as it is tiring.  I am not a clean freak...



Sometime encouragement comes in the unlikely places. This is from Jason. A friend who followed my blog for a few years. He was coming through Singapore a few months ago on his way to Cambodia.  We had a chance to stop by for a coffee. This is the email he wrote after he went home (Australia) from Cambodia. As I mentioned, been meaning to send this photo through to you for a while, for...

Stomach, Telugu and Seeking the Spirit


Bro, are you at je? (JE = Jurong East)  This is a MRT (Subway) stop in the west of Singapore.   I wondering what it would be like.  As I stood there, I prayed a bit to seek the Spirit.   I am reminded of the first time I went out to visit the poor in downtown Toronto in early 2008.   What it would be like? Would I shared elegantly? What should I say? I was getting the...

2012, a new year


Going to do a quick blog post before I go to OMF morning prayer.  There’s a general feeling of reminisce at the end of a year.  2011.  What was I doing at the beginning of the year? What happened? What’s going on now?What did I miss? What were the most memorable moments? As often, looking back one year it feels like time went back really quickly and at the same time a...

Culture Shock


Sorry for the lack of posts. I have much to blog. But my Internet is not realiable. I got an Internet stick but it won’t work in my home.  Thus, I am sitting outside hammering this post ;O) Taken as I was writing this post! 😀 Two stray cats just ran by, chasing each other! I’ve been in Singapore for a month now.  I notice the first few weeks when I was here, I had a tendency...



Finally settle down in Singapore.   After picking up my Employment Pass this morning, I am able to give a photocopy to my landlord so she can registered me as her tenants.  Singapore is strict on who people rent to.   Without an Employment Pass, my landlord can get all sort of trouble. So tonight after work, I moved in.  It is nice to really settle down.  For the past two...



A view from the MacRitchie Reservoir Different. That’s how I feel being in Singapore since I landed on Saturday evening. It feels different. There’s a certain scent in the air that reminds me I am in Asia.  This is the scent when I was in Cambodia and in Hong Kong. I am very bless to have two friends, Wai Jia and Andrew, who take care of me since I land. I am staying at...



Sitting at Gate 139 in Terminal 1.  The flight leaves in two hours and there’s time to sit and be still. Drinking medium regular (Medium coffee with one milk one sugar) and a whole wheat bagel toasted, not butter. Realizing that today will be the last morning I am in Canada.  The drive to the airport was the last time I will drive for a while.  This morning will be the last...



A week of packing, cleaning, selling, giving and finish many to do lists….  I packed. I am ready to go to Singapore. Tomorrow’s flight is 8 am. I will be checking in the airport at 4:30 am.  Thank you everyone for support and prayer.   God simply open doors….  And so a new chapter in my life in the other side of the world. In a city of diverse culture...

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