I didn’t even have a fork


Tam Wai Jia wrote a very good piece entitled, “I Didn’t Even Have a Fork.” It is about a lady from the church we attended in Uganda. From living on the streets, her life is restored through the care of the local pastor. Sometimes we don’t know the effect we have when we lend a helping hand.   You can read it at 

The poor you will always have with you


A while ago during fellowship, someone said, “well Jesus said we will always have the poor.” I wasn’t sure what we were talking about.  Maybe it was about the poor.  Then we talked about something else. For the longest time, I felt there’s something not right when it comes to using this line.  What does it really mean when we say that we will always have the poor?  More...

Taming A Heart of Compassion


Recently, I come across an article on how the poor in Hong Kong live.  In the article, the photographer took an overhead picture to show how cramp the living quarters are.  A double bunker bed takes up majority of the room.   Walls are cluttered with appliances, food and clothes.  The kids at the top bunk are doing on their homework while the parents on the bottom bunk reading newspaper and...

What does it mean to help the poor?


This has been the question on my mind for a while now…. Tomorrow, my wife and I will share about poverty to teenagers at a school.  As I am preparing my slides, I re-read When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself. The author used a classic illustration of how sometimes our good intentions might do more harm than help! And now we have come...

Beggar in Hong Kong


Wai Jia also posted the experience on her blog.  You can find it here. Wai Jia and I spent the last few days before the end of 2012 visiting my relatives in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong was also a time of us to get away for a mini-vacation. On the second day as we headed back to our hotel, we saw a beggar on the street.  He had one leg and lying on the ground faced down.  I passed...

Remember the poor


For God, who was at work in Peter as an apostle to the circumcised, was also at work in me as an apostle to the Gentiles.  James, Cephas and John, those esteemed as pillars, gave me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship when they recognized the grace given to me. They agreed that we should go to the Gentiles, and they to the circumcised.  All they asked was that we should continue...

Fast Car


A while back, me and a friend was talking about another friend getting a fast car.  My friend made a comment… You can’t serve the poor driving a fast car. While I was brushing my teeth, that comment and the thought of being missional popped into my head. Inevitably, someone might confused a church with an attractive model (draw people to the church with services and programs)...



“What” “Oz is dead” “Who?” “Oz.  He used to sleep over there. He’s dead” R pointed out the pillar next to his wheelchair.  R’s friend, Oz, died a week ago.   It was getting dark.  The lights in Nathan Phillip Square flickered on.  Like a light bulb that’s going to burn out.  R took a puff...

St Jamestown Statistics Reflection – more than just numbers


It’s late and I had been reading over St Jamestown.  There are so many facts and statistics about this little pocket of community. Most of them I got from MoveIn.to (a movement to encourage young Christians to move and live in poorer neighborhoods to bring Jesus to the community). 64% of residents are immigrants − 74% arrived in Canada between 1991 and 2006 My family came to Canada in...

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