Agendas and expectation


Each of us has our own agendas. A wise Christian sister said that prior to my vision quest to Cambodia earlier this year. It is true.  When it comes to serving God, we have expectations on what we might view as the right way.  God’s way of doing things.  And sometimes, our motives, at times we might consider as pure and noble, can be clouded with pride, discord and our own...

Humility and pride


I went to the pool at the Y last night to swim. There were a class of young swimmers. They swim fast. As they passed me, I cannot help but to think I am 10-15 years older then most of them. I am a triathlete for five years, finished an Ironman and a multiple of Half Ironmans and triathlons. I should be a strong swimmer compare to these kids who haven’t done a triathlon before. I should show...

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