Darrin Patrick – Life with Non-Christians


Got this from Missio Dei Suburbia: For me, there are two area which I am intentionally at. Triathlon and Open Door. Off the bat, Darrin stresses do you like hanging out with non-Christians. This strike a cord. For me, there is always a tendency to hang out with Christians and live life. And often, people get offended when I made such a statement. Evangelism/outreach/missional is not a one day or...

Reckless and radical


I got this from a friend: An interpretation of Matthew 25 by a homeless women (John Stott) : I was hungry and you formed a humanities group to discuss my hunger. I was imprisoned and you crept off quietly to your church and prayed for my release. I was naked and in your mind you debated the morality of my appearance. I was sick and you knelt and thanked God for your health. I was homeless and you...

A small view of radicalness and community living


There was a snow storm in Mississauga the whole day yesterday. It wasn’t a storm. But a lot of snow fell during the day. By the time I got home, the driveway had about half a foot of the fluffy stuff. I tried to get on the driveway and got stuck half way. I asked my mom to go home first. Backed the car on the road and started to plow my driveway. And my neighbor were also starting to clear...

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