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Wait for the Lord


Because of the nature of my job and I work in the Internet Marketing industry, I response to emails very very quickly.  If I know the answer, I will fired back a response in a few minutes. With my quick response nature, almost real-time, I often expect God to give me a response just as fast. And walking with the Lord for a few years now, I know this usually doesn’t happen. Especially...



God. May You changed my heart so I only desire Your beauty. May You reveal Your beauty around me so I can see it, feel it and rejoice in it. You know I will follow You regardless if You answer my prayers or not. I will give up everything. There is nothing else matter more than Your beauty. Transform my heart so I will not lose sight of You nor forget You. May I always remember Your great promise...



Tonight, I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while. She is getting ready to go to Australia to check out a few Universities. I shared all the great sights and experiences down south. She was making a decision whether to stay here to study for her Masters (and save some money) or go to Oz. I told her once she went down she would never want to come back. Hehe 😛 The conversation...

How do one know…


How do I know what I enjoy is what God wants rather than what I, selfish, fleshly desires?

What if what I am ‘enjoying’ doing is from my fleshly desire? How does one discern that than what glorify God?

What I miss from Australia


It has been about 2-3 weeks back here in Mississauga and things are back to normal. What I miss from Australia is that every thing I did, even the small thing, like finding my way in Brisbane transit, I feel great accomplishment and grateful. Maybe because it was new experience. I should see things differently when I come back. Even driving to church, for example, I should be grateful. The most...

Back to Beaver Land


Tonight I landed back to Toronto…and come back to Canada after three weeks in Australia. It was quite an experience and it went by like a whirlwind. Between, travelling around and making sure I have my essentials (ticket, money, passport, Bible etc.), at times it is stressful to itself. Though there are also many days where I have so much time I don’t know what to do with it. I just...

In the presence of God down south


I have been in Australia for almost three weeks. As I am here by myself, I feel a sense of longing for friends.  At the same time, I am reminded of the need for solitude.  Of which, I get both. Staying hostels and going on different tours, I meet a lot of different people.  Guy from Belgium looking for work in Australia and studying Law.  A lady from Ireland coming to visit her brother and was on...

Seek first


Back in Dec 25, 2007, I signed a contract with God that I will seek Him first in everything that I do. Some where in the contract I stated that the Lord is good and He will provide. Recently, my heart was heavy with things about the future. And this worry was bothering me more so than before. I want to take my own actions and want to follow my desire. I was speaking with a brother last night and...

Seeking God


I must admit, this holiday, I feel very far away from God. It is not that I need more Bible study or more praying. I do my daily devotion. I pray. I fellowship. I go to church. It is a matter of being too busy. With the holidays, with many social engagements coming up, it is often easy for me to loose sight of the bigger picture. Maybe this is why my heart is racing all the time and I feel the...

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