On my triathlon bike, I have a computer that measures my cadence, speed and various things. It also measures how long I pedal on my bike.   So whenever I go for a long training ride, the time on my watch will measure the total time of my ride. The bike computer will measure the actual time I pedal. There’s always be a difference. If you are riding for fun, this is not that important...

Our sin must be extremely horrible….


Our sin must be extremely horrible. Nothing reveals the gravity of sin like the cross. For ultimately what sent Christ there was neither the greed of Judas, nor the envy of the priests, not the vacillating cowardice of Pilate, but our own greed, envy, cowardice, and other sins, and Christ’s resolve in love and mercy to bear their judgment and so put them away. It is impossible for us to face...

Quote on sin


This is probably one of the best quotes I read for a long time…
“The sin underneath all sins is the lie that we cannot trust the love and grace of Jesus and that we must take matters into our own hands.
– Martin Luther
Learning to trust is much harder than learning to do.

Of sin and duty


No one sins out of duty I read this line from a book earlier this week and had me thinking on the drive to work. No one gets up in the morning and tell himself or herself, I MUST sin.  We choose to sin because of the hollow promise it offers.  A rebellious choice more satisfying, more joyful, more pleasurable. That’s the lie of satan.  A broken world. Sin…it can be...

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