There’s a time when it must walk among the branches, looking over the height, over its surrounding.  It must flap its wings.  For a moment thinking whether they will hold itself in the air.  There might be a sense of fear, excitement and above all, unknown. How will flight taste like? I am not sure if birds think as human do.  Maybe it is part of their gene and wiring...

2012, a new year


Going to do a quick blog post before I go to OMF morning prayer.  There’s a general feeling of reminisce at the end of a year.  2011.  What was I doing at the beginning of the year? What happened? What’s going on now?What did I miss? What were the most memorable moments? As often, looking back one year it feels like time went back really quickly and at the same time a...

Going back to the beginning….


I remember I once read that a Christian as he/she matures, it is not that he/she gain more new knowledge or wisdom.  Rather, it is the continue renewal and getting the thirst to know and to seek Jesus. A few weeks ago, I wrote an email to a close friend that I lost the passion to serve the Lord. Perhaps this was a bit too strong of words. I can see how my skills at Overseas Missionary...

A funny tale about the stray cats


In Singapore, there’s a lot of stray cats.  I consider them as squirrels in Canada. I am not sure why they are there.  I suspect it is because they are kept to keep the mice and cockroaches number down.  The cats keep to themselves.  Sometimes the locals will feed them cat food. Cats are territorial creatures.  Once in a while you will hear loud screeching and...

Rest In Him


When I became a Christian…or at the point when I realized I was sinner, I realized it was all done by Him…  As I grew to become a better Christian, I use my own strength and rely on myself to get close to Him…  When I choose to follow Christ, one that I would give up my life to follow Him, I realized I can’t do it on my own. I need His Strength.  It’s...

Culture Shock


Sorry for the lack of posts. I have much to blog. But my Internet is not realiable. I got an Internet stick but it won’t work in my home.  Thus, I am sitting outside hammering this post ;O) Taken as I was writing this post! 😀 Two stray cats just ran by, chasing each other! I’ve been in Singapore for a month now.  I notice the first few weeks when I was here, I had a tendency...



Finally settle down in Singapore.   After picking up my Employment Pass this morning, I am able to give a photocopy to my landlord so she can registered me as her tenants.  Singapore is strict on who people rent to.   Without an Employment Pass, my landlord can get all sort of trouble. So tonight after work, I moved in.  It is nice to really settle down.  For the past two...



It has been two weeks since I am in Singapore.  Since I landed, Andrew was generous in offering his place for me to stay.  I took one room and this was my ‘home’. But at last, tomorrow, after receiving my Employment pass, I will move to a room a friend helped me find.  As such, this afternoon, I found myself packing again. Through the process, there was glimpses of...



A view from the MacRitchie Reservoir Different. That’s how I feel being in Singapore since I landed on Saturday evening. It feels different. There’s a certain scent in the air that reminds me I am in Asia.  This is the scent when I was in Cambodia and in Hong Kong. I am very bless to have two friends, Wai Jia and Andrew, who take care of me since I land. I am staying at...



Sitting at Gate 139 in Terminal 1.  The flight leaves in two hours and there’s time to sit and be still. Drinking medium regular (Medium coffee with one milk one sugar) and a whole wheat bagel toasted, not butter. Realizing that today will be the last morning I am in Canada.  The drive to the airport was the last time I will drive for a while.  This morning will be the last...

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