Thinking..long weekend.

Hey all,

Just want to give a quick shoutout before I head to work. Up here in Canada, we had a long weekend (Victoria Day). All in all, I had a good weekend. Yesterday was out on a trail with my friends for 3 hours. Nothing like riding with some company.

I will post last week numbers later today or tomorrow. Here is what I had been thinking/doing:

i) Been reading Gordo’s blog. If you have the time, read over his posts over the month of May. It got me thinking a number of training methodology and the way I live my life.
ii) I continue to ponder about this ego/passion issue. Gordo did touch a bit of that as well. Here is a suggestion I am considering. Why not work with pure passion and faith? Why not do it with my whole life?
iii) One of the sister in my fellowship is in a lot of pain. Her mom passed away over the weekend. When tragedy hit those around us, it made me think how I need to care more…
iv) My weekend consisted of karaoke at a friend’s b-day and a bbq on Sun after church. It was great.
v) I am meeting with Pastor Brett Porter tonight. He serves at Sanctuary Mississauga. He actually found me through my blog and told me a bit about sport ministry. He used to be a runner.

In the next few posts, I am going to talk more about ego…faith…living all that good stuff. Time to shower and off to work…have a great week everyone!


By Cliff

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