Toronto Waterfront Triathlon Pics and finish

Zip me up please. Now I know how a girl feels on a prom night 🙂

Charge!!! Swim coach hollaring and me respond with a thumbs up

Notice I am running on the grass/dirt. If you are running your bike shoes to the transition, don’t run too hard on the pavement. My heels ache these past few days from pounding the pavement with my bike shoes.

Who’s that guy with a dorky smile hanging out with my cousin, his g/f and my aunt?

The run to the finish. The video is blocky but I notice I swing my left arm more than my right. Can someone give me some advice on my form? I thought it looks alright. Relax and good momentum. But any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  • Good job. What’s with the running in the dirt though? That didn’t clog up your cleats?

  • Seem to be strong and fast at the finish – can’t argue with that form.

    Why do you appear to be running into the water by yourself?

  • I was just thinking the same as Dave, dirt in the cleats…

    Looking good in the photos, will have to check out your video on my home computer.

  • Nice pics Cliff!

    On your running form…not too bad for the very end of the race when you are probably tired. But always try to keep lower arms (elbow to wrist) parallel to the ground or slightly elevated. Do not cross over your body with your arms, but keep them pointed straight ahead. That plus the swinging motion of them creates a little momentum for you, too. Not much, but it all helps!

  • The difference between your left and right arm swing is quite obvious. It might have something to do with it being at the end of the race, and you’re obviously fatigued.

    I agree with Stephen’s advice, consciously try and keep the lower arms more horizontal. If you do that in your training runs, it becomes second nature to you. An unsymmetrical arm swing like this can be the sign of an unsymmetrical running form, and that usually leads to injury.

  • “Zip me up please. Now I know how a girl feels on a prom night :)”

    this literally made me laugh out loud!

    Great photos!

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