Training Summary and Half Chili Marathon

It had been two weeks since I posted my summary.
Let start off with some numbers.

Feb 19th – 25th (recovery week)
Mon – rest
Tues – Bike 40′, Swim 50′
Wed – Run 30′
Thurs – Bike 40′, Swim Bailed
Fri – Run 30′
Sat – Bike 60′
Sun – Run bailed

Total time = 250′, 4 hr and change

Feb 26th – March 4th
Mon – rest
Tues – Bike 60′, Swim 70′
Wed – Run 40′
Thurs – Bike 52′, Swim Bailed
Fri – Run Bailed, Swim 25′ (to make up for thrus)
Sat – Bike 180′ (planned to do a 4 hr bike ride)
Sun – Run 135′ (Half Chili Marathon)

Total time = 562′, 9 hours and change


Life gets in the way and my swim suffered. Last Sat when I did the 3 hr bike ride, I was feeling negative. Infinit wasn’t working with me. Even in Zone 1, my stomach is nauseous. By two hour and a half, I had enough. I took my coach advice and alternate between solid food (Clif bar) for an hour and Infinit for another. Solid food works fine for me. In fact, I got quite hungry when I start eating.

Instead of going for 4 hours as I planned, I bailed and did 3 hr as my coach scheduled.

On Sun I did the Half Chili Marathon with Anners. She actually paid for me. In return, I pace her. I am glad I went.

Just changes in my life and my head hadn’t been focus on training. This season, my long run never last more than 2 hours. My coach schedule me to do 1 hr 40 min max. So I guess I am being ‘lazy’ by following my coach’s plan. Last seasons, my long run stretches to 2 hr 30 min.

Before the race, I stood there rembering….

I remember my cousin and my aunt coming to watch me do Toronto tri.

I remember meeting Darren for the first time and him showing me around Orangeville (hilly).

I remember running and cycling further than I ever dream of.

I remember my friends seeing me finish at The Canadian Half Ironman.

I remember the pre-race jitters.

…..ok i am done now. I am going to go train. This Sat night I am flying back to Hong Kong. Before then I want to put in a few more hours of training.


By Cliff

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