Transplant Games Day 1-2

– a much delayed flight to down south. Glad to be in Gold Coast…and my bike is here as well 🙂

– yesterday did a 5 km run race. Awesome. 2nd overall. The third place was creeping up to me at the end. Someone yelled ‘Cliff, he is behind you’ 400 m from the end. Had to run hard. Didn’t realize I have that in me at the end.

– crazy winter weather in Gold Coast. 25*C with sun. Horrible 🙂

– my condo faces the ocean. At night, I can see waves crashing in. Awesome!

– today (Day 2), an easy day for me. Taking my bike for a tune up and recon the time trial course.

– people here are awesome. Lots of support from the Canada team. Met a lot of great people who had transplants….

Lastly, the guys whom I am racing with is fast! A few guys were running 30 min 10 km prior to transplant. Hard core.

I have a 5 km TT tomorrow.

Grateful to be here. Honour to represent Canada.


By Cliff

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