Tri Dream

Last night, I had a dream I was racing in a Half Ironman. It was quite interesting. This is a reverse tri. We started off with the run in downtown Toronto. Unfortunately I forgot to pack a map so I didn’t know the race route. I ended up crawling on top of a roof (don’t ask me why).

This must be a sign my body misses triathlon :).

Yesterday I went for a quickie 20 min jog. Nothing biggie.
I can’t wait to finish work today. It is very foggy here and I love to run in the fog.
Last Sat, me, Darren and Aaron went on a bike ride. It was great. Granted, they were faster than me and I was trying to catch up. It was still fun. By the end, my calves were aching a bit. This is when I know I had a good bike ride.

I went to MEC afterwards and was looking for a pair of tights for winter cycling. Unfortunately, they don’t have my size. I was contemplating of getting a soft shell jacket for the cold:

It looks and feels so great. Then I thought I had another winter jacket already. What I can do is to wear multiple inner layers if it gets really cold. That saved me 120 dollars.

That’s about it from my end. I want to do a bit more riding this weekend as well. The weather is still warm here…so life is good! 🙂


By Cliff

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