Two Worlds

This is what most people see Hong Kong as…

Apartments are built in rows..not much choice when there is a lack of land.

People everywhere. This is taken weekday in the afternoon..can u imagine the weekend when everyone goes shopping??

This is what I experience for the past week…

Went hiking last Sat…6 hours in the mountain. The right side is a wall of an abadoned village.

Hong Kong has a large amount of hiking trails and mountain to explore. I love it.

Tomorrow, my dad and I are going to another island. Thurs, my aunt is taking me to go hike another trail.

I have been training on and off for the past week. I ran an hour yesterday. My foot is healed. Today I swam 2.6 km. The kids were taking lesson beside me. To them 2.6 km is nothing. They were doing laps after laps. They are right. 2.6 km is short.

My normal day is go out, explore the city, come back, eat and sleep. Life is good..Hiking and walking around the city does a lot on the legs. I don’t have the bike and route to go long rides. Talking with my aunt to find out there is a place that rent bikes. Going to keep on swimming and get the volume up.

Last note: I haven’t spent any time with my Grandma. Why? I am cramping her style..that’s what she told me. She is like ‘Cliff, you don’t play mahjong‘ Asked her to go eat dinner last night and she said no…ha. What can a grandson do? I just have to be persistent!


By Cliff

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