Vacation and training

Let’s start off with some numbers:

March 19th – 25th
19 (Mon) – Run 60 min
20 (Tues) – Swim 1 hr 20 min (2.6 km)
21 (Wed) – Brick 2 hr (Bike 30 min + Run 90 min)
22 (Thurs) – Run 30 min
23 (Fri) – Swim 1 hr 40 min (3 km)
24 (Sat) – Hike 4 hr
25 (Sun) – Nothing

Total hours – 10 hours and change

To all my tri-bloggers, I apologize for not catching up on your blogs. I promise I will catch up with all of you guys and gals when I come back.

I decided to put the 4 hr hike as part of the training. It ain’t a brutal trail but there were a few ups and downs that made my heart rate go up. I felt weak after the hike which I normally should feel fine. I took a nap immediately afterwards. No need to get sick.

If you notice, there is no biking. Today suppose to go for a long ride. But the weather network said it will rain. Lo and behold, it just sprinkle. I went for two hour run instead. I jogged to the swimming pool which takes me 40 min to commute. I was joking to my uncle I can run there, swim and run back :D.

The good news is that last Fri, I swim 3 km. I never swim this far before. And you know what, my arms ain’t even tired. 4 km is just a few more meters away.

What I left out of the training is the time I spent walking around. There were a lot of places to see and go. To explore the city, I would walk around instead of commuting. The air is polluted. Taking a lot of Vit C and eating a lot of fruits to keep my body strong.

Diet is hard considering a lot of food here are not healthy. The whole grain bread is not really whole grain. There is still a lot of white bread. There is no law enforcing manufacturer to put a nutrition table. So I have no idea what I am ingesting. Well I have an idea…just no that it ain’t as healthy as I can back home.

Of course, some of the local food is junk but it is so tasty. After feeling sick on Sat’s hike, I told my friend to take me to a cleaner place to eat. There is no need to have Cliff visiting the Hong Kong’s hospital.

Hmm..there is a lot more I can say…but I will keep it at that. I am going to Taiwain from Wed till Sat. After that, one more week and I am coming home.

I will end off with two pics from last Sat hike. We saw a few mountain bikers. Sweet….


By Cliff

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