Weekend at the cottage.

I have never been so tired and yet so relaxing at the same time. Julian and his wife, Jen, they are a part of my Fellowhip and owned a cottage in Peterborough.

Last year, we helped him and his wife, Jen, built a shed. This weekend, we did a lot more. They were building a porch. It was a big project. The concrete and the foundation was already done by the contractor. It is an indoor porch. So our job was to nail down the floor and built the frame.

Their cottage is located on an island and only accessible by boat. So me and Julian went early on Friday and hauled the materials over.

Julian and I with our accomplishments

The weekend to the cottage is a good way of self discovery. Away from the city, away from the fast pace. Just relax with God’s creation.

Thank goodness triathletes don’t need to be good with power tools or wood work. I cannot hammer at all. I hammer two times and I am tired out…WEAK

There were moment where only two guys were working and the rest of the guys just standing around talking about the two guys that were working. Now I feel like being part of the Union :D.Are we building a deck or Jen’s gym equipment?

On Sunday, I went on a swim. The water was fantastic. Way better than a 25 m pool. There were a flock of ducks doing a morning swim as well. I tried to catch them but they were super fast (or I am super slow…)

My Fellowship. We are the Emmanuel Fellowship. We call ourselves the Em’manual’ers 🙂

Last night, on the way back, my glutes were sore. I had a 9 hr sleep last night (bailed my morning long swim) and I still woke up feeling tired. Perhaps building a porch is the perfect cross training.

Thanks to all the comments and remarks in my last few posts (here, here and here). Life is definitely interesting. I am sure I will think about during my long long bike rides. For now, three weeks of hard training before I taper. Time to hammer these sessions down.


By Cliff

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