Weekend Report

This is what I consider a perfect Saturday. No stress, no rush. Life is good.

10 am – woke up (went home late and feeling sick)
11:30 am – bum around the house and started my long ride on the trainer
2:45 pm – stretch, protien drink, epson salt bath, shower
3:30 pm – prepared lunch, wolf it down, clean up
4:45 pm – snooze
5:30 pm – got up, do some chores
7:00 pm – change and head out to friend’s b-day dinner

I did a lot of grinding on my bike. Start off on the mid ring and every 20 min I switch one gear over. RPM drops as well. From 90+ down to 70 at the end before I cool down. Even though I am grinding, I keep my HR low. This is still aerobic. It felt great though to just grind.

I haven’t tried the spinerval DVDs yet. I am watching 24 Season 1 right now. Woah drama and action..love the sub plots.

I am feeling sick. Not full blown cold but I lost my voice this morning. I know I am not well when I have trouble swallowing. I am feeling 85% right now. Taking a lot of Vit C + hot water w/ lemon + honey. Of course, I am sleeping a lot. :). Finally, a chance to be lazy.

Here’s my weekly summary:
Mon – Day off
Tues – Bike 45′, Swim 32′
Wed – Run 35′
Thurs – Bike 60′, Swim 30′
Fri – Run 45′
Sat – Bike 180′ (my coach planned 2 hr 15 min, I just want to do a bit more)
Sun – Run 80′

Eight hours and change.


By Cliff

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