Weekend summary

Fri night, I went to my free swim lesson with my coach. It is amazing how when I am in the pool with the coach, I feel stronger, move longer and faster. Anyway, I need to work on is getting my flick. Coach say I can flick 2-3 inches more. As we know in swimming, kicking is not a big thing. But i have to make sure my kick ain’t handicapping my speed.

Then we work on more drills. Fish, zipper switch, under hand. My left shoulder needs to stop arching too far back when I roll my hand over. Glide on railways. I can feel the glide when i was at the pool on Fri. But now I think i lost it. Nuts :). Coach was taking some pic of me doing drills b/c he needed them for his website….sweet now i am going to be famous :D.

Need to get back to the swim drills. Get back to the fundamentals. I need to achieve that gliding feeling again. Now I understand what it means to push the water instead of pulling it.

Sat, did 3 hr bike hour. Nothing biggie. Just the end, it was getting boring and started turning to one gear over to work harder on the legs. At night I went to a friend’s b-day dinner and bowling. It was fun. I haven’t done anything normal for a long long time.

This morning, went for a run. It was -21* C (-4* F) with windchill. You guys must have prayed hard b/c I DID NOT FEEL the wind as the one I want on Fri morning :). (Note: I ran 8.1 min/mile at 94% to my LT [zone 3]. Need more tempo runs.)

I listened to Simply stu’s podcast. Geez this guy is so positive. I am swear he is smoking something b/c he is so high all the time :). I am going to start listening to him from now on.
And Kahuna and IronWil has another podcast up on Friday. This one is great. Great interview with Mad Mel (good advices) and good way to look at life from IronWil. They did an interview with Simply Stu as well.

This will be a stupid question but how do u subscribe to those podcast on itune?…If you can help me with that one…I will be greatly appreicated.

Lastly, I have a phone call from BMG Colubmia House. They have 4 business analyst position available and interested in interviewing me. Sweet…all I can say is this is God’s work b/c I haven’t apply for any jobs.

Nap now…need to get back to the office and set up a VPN…(computer stuff)…


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