Where in the world is the Christian Triathlete?

Just give a quick shout.

Things have been busy at work.
Things have been busy with my fellowship.
Last week I trained 16 hr. This week I will be training about 8 hr.
I got a coach and we talk and I am taking his finisher program.
He is forming a team to do IMUSA and raising money for kids with cancer.
Because of the team, the program he set up is a template format.
I will ask him to change a bit to fit my experience.
But for now, 8 hr a week is 8 hr a week.
It is still early in the season. No need to tune up the training.
His daughter, two years old, has leukemia.
I am picking up my spinerval DVDs tonight :).

Will explain more this weekend. Things will be less heretic.


By Cliff

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