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First day Marathon Training

BikeDistance – 37 kmTime – 1 hr 40 min (100 min)Intensity – Light to mediumTime – 7:40 pmAvg Speed – 22 kph First day training. More like relaxing. A very enjoyable ride. Ride around Mississauga. Above right knee is a bit stiff. Pedal is not as hard.

The five minutes before the beginning…the birth of a triathlete

Even though my triathlon was two weeks ago, the few minutes before the race was still crystal clear in my head. I want to see if I can put it into writing… …The transition area was a non-paved parking lot. As I walked toward the beach I have to be careful not to step on […]

two years plan to do an Ironman

I am going to use this blogger to write down my training experience. I hope that I can share with all my friends and others the pain, the struggle, the glory. A lot of ppl consider me as crazy. Frankly, sometimes I feel that about myself as well. I have decided to go for an […]