Is fall the season for runners?? LSDDrink: 600 ml water + 600 ml gatorade + 3 carb boom shotsDistance: 20.06 km ( Light to mediumTime started: 8:50 amDuration: 2 hr 15 min (135 min)Weather: Cool (15 degrees [feels more like 11]) Today I saw more runners on the road than before. I have been running […]

Relaxing With My Fall Gears Went for a 12 km run today. The HRM wasn’t working so I decided to turn it off. Much better without having to look at my watch every min. It was very comfortable. Relaxing in a sense that I turn my body to cruise control and I let my mind […]

Let it rain. There is something magical about rain. Maybe the sound of many drops of water hitting the ground. It always calm me. Maybe as a kid, I have spent too much time playing in the rain. I guess I am the odd kind. The greyness doesn’t bother me too much. In fact, I […]

Dreams dreams, what do they all mean? Have you ever have dreams where you are flying? Not the flying where you flap around like a bird. More like Matrix style flying :). Two nights ago I have dreamt that I was trying to fly. I knew I could but I couldn’t get enough air. It […]

12 km in the smog. Blah. Just like to add that I ran 12 km last night. I think the smog might have a factor to my higher HR during the run. I ran this straight. No 10-1. My legs are getting use to the road. The quads were a bit sore but today they […]

Rest vs Training… Today I am suppose to wake up at 6 am to go for a run. Instead I woke up at 8:30 and went to work. Do I feel guilty for not running? Somewhat. However, I do believe at times it is more important get enough rest. This is such important that I […]

A quickie Just want to add that I did a quick 6-7 km run today. Ok it wasn’t quick (40 min). It was very relaxing. I think it was the smog that made me feel hard to breathe. My HRM (M52 Polar) has this OwnIndex to determine your HR range for aerboic. I got this […]

T-Minus 12 Woah. Time sure go by fast. Just checking the Toronto Marathon and there is only 12 days left. A few things I have to step up a bit. First, more jogs. Get my body use to the distance. This also include waking up early and running in the morning as oppose to running […]

Toothless Triathlete scratches his running itch. A run….light and funDrink: 300 ml waterDistance: 9.69 LightTime started: 6:10 pmDuration: 1 hr 20 min (80 min)Weather: Cool and light wind (22 degrees) What a great day to get back pounding the pavement. Today was a test to see how right knee and my teeth was feeling. […]