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Push…. It feels like I am pushing through the week and I am barely moving at all. This week is the last week in Base 2 before I take a recovery week. Yesterday, I spent the morning arguing with my head why I should continue to train. Physically wise I am good. My body is […]

Chilling for Chili After Action Report I didn’t want to do this run. It is a 1/2 marathon. I already run this amount of distance during my training runs. There is no need to pay money for it. But afterwards, I am glad I went. Once in a while, I do need a “S”ocial Race […]

I had a great run yesterday. I will post a race report later tonight. It was fun. And I got my chili filled :D. I thought of this while talking to a friend about some relationship issue he was facing. I can’t believe I gave him some pretty good advice (thank God for that). I […]

Things I notice in the past two days 1) A good run helps work out I went for a run on Fri night before I work out. When I did leg press, I was lifting 280 lbs with ease. Before I had trouble lifting 260 lbs. As IMmike suggested, running is a good warm up […]

Chilling for Chilli….. Hey all, there ain’t a lot going on here. Last night I did a bike drill. One leg pedal for 130 reps in the smallest easiest (Sorry guys, that’s what i meant) gear. It felt great. I did this 10 sets for each leg. I was amazed how time passes by when […]

Good running… This morning I had a great run. It wasn’t as cold as I thought. I had a sleeveless fleece vest between my technical long sleeve and my jacket. By 15 min of the run, it was too stuffy. I took it off and threw it behind an electric box. For the past two […]

Sleeping now.. It is 9:20 pm and I am heading to bed. I rarely sleep this early. Tomorrow morning run at 5:30. I want to do my long run before work so I can go to my church’s prayer meeting at night. Thanks for all the encouragement…all I can say is that the next few […]