Is anyone home? Hey everyone, it seems like I have disappeared from here. I have been busy. Since I got back from the Transplant Games, I have been busy training. Toronto Marathon is coming in Mid October and I have been getting in shape. It took about two months of running to get my legs […]

Running in the rain, conversing with God

This morning I got up at 4:30 am and was out the door 20 minutes later. It sounds nuts. But when you need to fit in a three hour run during the week, something got to give. In a certain aspect, with sacrifice of sleep and the comfort of the warm bed, I enjoyed today’s […]

Thoughts on church, people, authenticity

It seems the best thought takes time to develop…last night a brother dropped by and I was trying to express my ideas…it was muddle. Not clear. Here’s an email I sent to a brother earlier today: I was reading a blog a while back… ( It was talking about the order of a church and […]

Refuse to quit

Yesterday was the Men’s Triathlon event at the Olympic. And boy what a sight. With a lap to go, Simon Whitfield (Canadian) was slowing down by a few seconds. In front of him were three guys. They were running stride by stride. The race seemed grim. With every step, the group was pulling further and […]

Showing up

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen Today was a very special day at my church. We had a new youth pastor working with us. He has been working here as an intern for two years and through God blessing decided to stay here for full time ministry. It is a joyful […]

Transplant Olympics experience. Hey everyone, I just wrote a full reflection of my experience at the games. It is in my other blog…you can view it here. I have a few more pictures and videos I like to put up. In short, I had a blast at the games. Not only it was fun but […]

The Testimony of Cliff Tam

Last week I was at Canadian Transplant Games. It was a time where I had the opportunity to connect with other transplant athletes. We shared stories, ask what type of medication each one takes, what transplant and when did it happened. When I look back…I was 10 when I had my liver transplant. The first […]

Emotional Baggage??

Lately I’ve been spending less time socially. This might have to do with I am training for Toronto Marathon. There is about two months before the race and my body needs to get in shape. Anyway, I was reflecting on the time I spent with other people. Particularly those who don’t share the same reciprocal […]

2008 Windsor Transplant Olympic – Day #2 (Bike Time Trial and Running Road Race) To be honest, the bike time trial was a blur. How can you put into the words the emotion that goes on for seven minutes? That’s 660 seconds. I was the second last person to start the time trial. It is […]

Transplant Olympic – Day #1 Drove to Windsor today and checked in. Not doing too much. Just resting and met some transplant athletes. Met a cool couple from Edmonton (Ed and Sue). Ed had a liver transplant 15 months ago from a rare form of soft tissue cancer. Now here’s an inspiring story. Sue sent […]