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Bible Study

Good for the soul…and sometimes not too good for the stomach. Once a month, we meet up at a couple’s house study the Bible. We are now going through 1 Timothy. Last night the discussions were good. Lots of laughter and different questions and point of view. To top it off, the couple always have […]

Still here. Just to give a quick update. I’ve been swimming everyday. My routine is to go to the pool after work. Splish splash for 40 min to an hour. Then do my other stuff. Last week, I was working on my paper and so that’s all I’ve done. Splish splash. Now the paper is […]

For where I spend my money….

This is from the paper I submitted on Sat: n Matthew 22:36-40, Jesus summed up the commandments to love God with all your heart, all your strength and soul. He also said to love your neighbour as yourself. When an expert of the law asked Jesus who our neighbours are in Luke 10:25, Jesus used […]

How come…

how come when I am out, I feel like I rather have my quiet time. How come when I have the quiet time, I feel like socializing? How come I check Facebook 10-20 times a day? Or religiously check Gmail whenever I get a chance? Or have the urge to reply to every email and […]