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Confession: Lack of compassion

An email I sent to a friend: Open Door was very interesting..i walked in and there was a lady waiting outside. She is one of the regular-ers. She was saying how she needed a jacket now and cannot wait for tomrorow. To be honest, she was very rude and I do not want to help […]

God’s hour

Taken this from W. Tullian Tchividjian’s sermon (March 22, 2009): “The bud might have a bitter taste but sweet will be the flower..this, my friend is God’s hour.“ He was referring to a hymn by William Cooper’s “God Moves in a Mysterious Way” God moves in a mysterious wayHis wonders to perform;He plants His footsteps […]

Strength through Brokeness

“If you asked me when I was, say, twenty-five, how I could be the presence of Jesus, most of what I would have told you – assuming I understood your question at all – would have centered on ways I could possibly have modeled his strength, purity, or faithfulness. And if you had gone on […]

First Video Post!

Tribe or Mission?

Got this from Matt Adair’s blog which he quote from Tullian‘s (reference of a reference 🙂There’s a radical difference between tribal and missionary mindsets. The highest value of the tribal-minded is self-protection. Since these people feel safest around those just like them, they ask, “How can I protect myself from those who are different?” They […]

A blurb from Challies.com

A blurb from Challies.com, Reading the Classics – Real Christianity (III):In this chapter of Real Christianity, Wilberforce writes about “Inadequate Conceptions of Human Nature.” He shows that one of the keys to discerning true from false beliefs relies on a person’s understanding of human nature. He believes rightly that a proper understanding of human nature […]

Weekly Summary – By the numbers The weekend I had more free time and put it more training. Darren advised me to go easy as I pull my calve muscles on Monday. Today the weather was nice. Sunny and no clouds. I went out for a run in the trail. Very muddy. More pictures to […]

Running in midnight? In freezing rain? Or so this is what my friends thought. I was out running on Sun night. I came back by 9:30 pm. It started to pour later the night. I updated my Facebook at midnight and my friends thought I just came back from a run :o) On the training […]

Snowboarding fun… I like the first one better :). This was taken about a month ago at Blue Mountain.