Pain, suffering and Christ follower

I have been doing triathlon for four years. Looking back, I changed quite a bit on my approach in how I train. In this season, I am working on more intense sessions. Time wise they are shorter but they are much more ‘painful’. I am sharing about this pain is because it relates to living […]

To serve…to love…

Once a month, some Christian friends and I go to Open Door to help out. On Thurs night, they serve food to anyone who wants it. The tiny room is usually packed with hungry parents, elderly and kids. For the past two months, I was in charge of organizing games after they had dinner. These […]

One foot in, one foot out This picture was taken at Guelph Olympic Tri last Sun. This is Cliff’s patented speedy riding position. One foot in and one foot out. The wind was blowing from the left side and the foot on top of the shoe improves efficiency by 5%. Note: This post maybe fictitious. […]

I will stop when I stop having fun Yesterday, I did a 1 hr 50 min run. 15 min warm up, 30 min Half Ironman Race pace (5 min/k), 6 min EZ, 30 min HIM race pace again and 20 min cool down. This is my last hard run session and taper is rolling in. […]

Sharing the Gospel in the Gay Village

Picked this up from It is his pastor friend sharing how he is sharing the Gospel in Toronto’s gay community. He ended with: I do all this because I love the LGBT community. They are a community comprised of individual eternal souls. Sadly, they are culture that has almost no contact with biblical Christianity […]

A passion for the city

Tonight I had a great privilege to be part of the a short term mission training in my church. It was a spirit-filled time. Lots of laughter, sharing and praying. The team is made up of majority youths and I am excited to see the values we are instilling among the youths (that prayer is […]

Guelph Olympic Triathlon Post Report In the video forgot to mention: – right before the race, my right contact came off and was attach to my goggles. Oh well. I race pretty much without it (not a big difference b/c my left eye is the seeing eye)– read on Chuckie V’s blog that one pro […]


I am thankful that I have brothers and sisters whom I can serve among… I am thankful that we all desire to be Biblical base and Christ centered… I am thankful for having a church that I can grow… I am thankful for the Holy Spirit. Who dwell among us and convict us of right […]

Putting my money where my faith is

My cat, Jojo, fell ill a few days ago. He stopped eating and drinking. While I was at work, I fell quite stress over it. My other cat, Bibi, died earlier this year. I still remembered the weeks where my sis and I took care of her as her health deteriorate. I was wondering if […]

Update – Guelph Olympic Tri this Sun. My first tri for the season.– I have 8 days before I taper for Half Ironman Peterborough (July 5th). This week packing a lot of double sessions and a few nice hard sessions 🙂 (hill repeats, miles repeat etc.) – I feel stronger on the bike. However, looks […]