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Better Days

I need some place simple where we could liveand something only you can giveand that’s faith and trust and peace while we’re aliveand the one poor child who saved this worldand there’s ten million more who probably could

Health of a fellowship

I was speaking with my fellowship leader earlier this week. We were talking about the health of the fellowship. The question is how do you define if your fellowship is successful? By numbers? By committed people? By how many people show up? By the growth of the fellowship? As often as it sounds, I do […]

2009 Half Ironman Peterborough Race Report This is the third time doing this course. I did this course three years ago and it was my first course going long. In essence, this course brought back a lot of memories. Looking back, it didn’t seemed so hard to go long. Eat gel, drink and watch your […]

Elite Racer? My race report should be up soon. Before it is up, I got a funny story to share. My friend sent me a BBC article recently. When he read it, he reminded of me. The article entitled: Elite cyclists ‘risk infertility’ Here’s my response: W00t! Good thing I ain’t elite. Muhahaha.

Racing and Christian Living

It is hard for me to describe the connection between racing and being a Christian. Found this from Eric Liddell…. “I want to compare faith to running in a race. It’s hard. It requires concentration of will, energy of soul. You experience elation when the winner breaks the tape – especially if you’ve got a […]

Hurt so good.I finished the race. I did a 5:20. I am very very happy when I saw the time at the finish line :D. Very sore now. Going to shower and take a nap. More details later. Thanks for all the support…. :o)

All pack and ready to go. Finished all the packing and off to Peterborough for the Half Ironman.

JMC 2009 – Day 2 – A few thoughts

Just finish second day at JMC. Very awesome. Feels like the Holy Spirit is directing and guiding me in a few direction. Very awesome… It is getting late and tomorrow I got a big day to head to Peterborough and race Half Ironman on Sun. Before I go, there is a few thoughts I am […]

JMC 2009 – Day 1

Today I had an opportunity to go to Joint Missionary Conference. It is organized by the Chinese Alliance Churches. To keep it short…simply awesome.. I had a chance to speak with a pastor that is pastoring a church in a Muslim country. Wow to hear some of his experience is simply unbelievable. He was sharing […]