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About a year ago (Part Two)


I was reading my blog a few days ago and I stumble upon this post, Man Enough.  It was written earlier this year…. So I am back there. Am I man enough to go? And care for those where no one wants to. And man enough to handle the pain? On the road of Jericho. The lonely road of Jericho. All I see are men lying around beaten and barely breathing. I see families lost and struggle with...

About a year ago


I wrote this post about a year ago…entitled Hollow Worship. Quite funny.   I forgot what my Senior Pastor preached on..I only remembered staring at Isaiah 1:13-19… … And the Lord speaked clearly. Here’s how you should worship.. learn to do right seek justice encourage the oppressed defend the cause of the fatherless plead the case of the widow I was sitting there and...



My friend and I were talking about Eric Liddell earlier today. I told him Eric became a missionary and went to China after winning the Olympics.  Quite a humble feat to forgo his racing career… My friend asked why did he do that? To which I replied. Because God called him. Just as Abraham was called by God, so did Moses, so did countless of people in history. God called, we follow...

Bible is inerrant


Lesson from today’s class.
The Bible is inerrant.  That is the Bible contains no error.

However, the person who interpret the Bible is not inerrant.  

One more reason why we should study the Scripture to say what it is trying to say instead of us trying to put ideas into the Scripture….

Oh..this gonna hurt…


An interview from a pro racer in Tour De France…..I was reminded about the time when I had a bike accident…in that few seconds while I was in the air and know I am going to land head first, I thought the same thing…oh this gonna hurt! Very funny to hear him calm.  Oh I just gotta have this stitch up.  Might break my ribs.  Just have to sit it...

Triathlon as a form of art


It is indeed beautiful. A beautiful race. A beautiful trail. Of movement and focus. Of grace and precision. Of determination and hope. I thought I was the only one who think this way until I find this quote from Steve Profontaine… “Some people create with words or with music or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say...

A journey into missions….


Tonight was a rough night.  I had to drop off groceries to three people.  One of the drop offs were missing a bag and there was an incident with someone receiving the wrong bag.  So I spent the night driving around Mississauga back and fourth  to make sure everyone got the right groceries.  I wasn’t in the mood for this.  I often wonder why I do what I do...

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