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Time to lay low


Other than the busy-ness of things lately, I think it is time for me to lay low from this blog for a while. If you are a regular reader of my blog, I thank you visiting here once in a while and I hope you are encourage to see how good our God is by how He works through my life. The past few days, I thought about many things.  One thing that I hit on is that there is such a temptation to show...

Change of heart


In Dec 25, 2007, I signed a contract to God that I would seek Him first in everything I do. A few weeks later, I visited my previous English pastor at Rhode Island.  Before his congregation, he stood up and introduced me…. “This is Cliff.  Did you know he sign a contract to God? [make a signature sign in the air]  Do you hear that?  He is going to serve the Lord...

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