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Finally settle down in Singapore.   After picking up my Employment Pass this morning, I am able to give a photocopy to my landlord so she can registered me as her tenants.  Singapore is strict on who people rent to.   Without an Employment Pass, my landlord can get all sort of trouble. So tonight after work, I moved in.  It is nice to really settle down.  For the past two...



It has been two weeks since I am in Singapore.  Since I landed, Andrew was generous in offering his place for me to stay.  I took one room and this was my ‘home’. But at last, tomorrow, after receiving my Employment pass, I will move to a room a friend helped me find.  As such, this afternoon, I found myself packing again. Through the process, there was glimpses of...

Being a Christian….


Being a Christan is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously and actively doing God’s will. ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer I am reading Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy.  It is a book based on Dietrich’s life and the political situation in Europe with the rise of Nazi.  It is a very capturing book. I picked this book because even though I read a number of...

Kingdom Seeking Relationship


I am right now at OMF learning the role and the ministry.  So a bit busy in the moment to post updates. A good (and Godly) friend sent me this earlier the week. It pretty much sums out the type of relationship I desire and also the focus of the relationship… Not only praying for Him to keep opening doors for you both to walk into together as a couple to serve Him in this world for His...



A view from the MacRitchie Reservoir Different. That’s how I feel being in Singapore since I landed on Saturday evening. It feels different. There’s a certain scent in the air that reminds me I am in Asia.  This is the scent when I was in Cambodia and in Hong Kong. I am very bless to have two friends, Wai Jia and Andrew, who take care of me since I land. I am staying at...



Sitting at Gate 139 in Terminal 1.  The flight leaves in two hours and there’s time to sit and be still. Drinking medium regular (Medium coffee with one milk one sugar) and a whole wheat bagel toasted, not butter. Realizing that today will be the last morning I am in Canada.  The drive to the airport was the last time I will drive for a while.  This morning will be the last...



A week of packing, cleaning, selling, giving and finish many to do lists….  I packed. I am ready to go to Singapore. Tomorrow’s flight is 8 am. I will be checking in the airport at 4:30 am.  Thank you everyone for support and prayer.   God simply open doors….  And so a new chapter in my life in the other side of the world. In a city of diverse culture...

Send Off


From a friend… Cliff, you’re very welcome for the group send-off dinner and the flowers 😉  Y’know, I really did have a toast in mind but we were too spread out and the restaurant too loud 🙂  I was going to tease you a bit, but I was also going to say the following:  “In all the 12 years I’ve known Cliff, I have admired him.  I admire the passion...

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