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Going back to the beginning….

I remember I once read that a Christian as he/she matures, it is not that he/she gain more new knowledge or wisdom.  Rather, it is the continue renewal and getting the thirst to know and to seek Jesus. A few weeks ago, I wrote an email to a close friend that I lost the passion […]

Hot, Cliffy

What an encouragement letter from a little friend in Canada! Of course, the hot implies temperature hot.  Singapore is definitely a hot place.


It took me some time to write this post.  Partly because I don’t know where to start.  The story is beautiful and intertwine with God at work.  Perhaps, the first question I can start is when Christian say…this is God at work. What does that mean? If I wish for something, say a new job.  I pray […]

A funny tale about the stray cats

In Singapore, there’s a lot of stray cats.  I consider them as squirrels in Canada. I am not sure why they are there.  I suspect it is because they are kept to keep the mice and cockroaches number down.  The cats keep to themselves.  Sometimes the locals will feed them cat food. Cats are territorial […]

Rest In Him

When I became a Christian…or at the point when I realized I was sinner, I realized it was all done by Him…  As I grew to become a better Christian, I use my own strength and rely on myself to get close to Him…  When I choose to follow Christ, one that I would give […]

Culture Shock

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have much to blog. But my Internet is not realiable. I got an Internet stick but it won’t work in my home.  Thus, I am sitting outside hammering this post ;O) Taken as I was writing this post! 😀 Two stray cats just ran by, chasing each other! […]

Meaning of Marriage (Christian Context)

I was given a task to answer the question: what does marriage means to me? Not that I given this topic much thought as I wasn’t in a relationship or never really thought about marriage (or at least thought about it seriously).  I always find it fascinating that marriage was already define in second chapter […]