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Heard a good quote yesterday during a sermon…

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends – Martin Luther King Jr

Produce Fruits in Keeping with Repentence


Last night it was my girlfriend’s b-day. As we sit by the beach, enjoying the stars, the quietness, the rolling waves and each other, we talked about many things. As we often discussed about our relationship, how do we learn to love one another, love God and help each other to love God, I mentioned the importance of not bringing a bag of sins into our relationship.  For a guy (also for...

A doormat for someone else


It was a few weeks ago when we had lunch after Sunday Service.  One of the brothers were sharing how he felt always cheated at work and always had to do a lot more than everyone else. At one point, I asked the brother about as Christian we should do the right thing and serve. He said, ‘is that what Christian is about? A push over?’ To which I replied, ‘was Jesus a push over...

Priorities in a Christ-Centered Relationship


If you are a regular to Church, or perhaps you are part of a fellowship, you will often hear the message that we ought to put Christ first in our lives. And sometimes we ask that ourselves, how am I doing that in my life? And sometimes we think it is an impossible ideal.  What God ask for, to give up our lives, deny ourselves, sell our stuff and follow Him is impossible.  Worst, it is...

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