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Godly Sorrow


Read the Gospel enough times and you will find that Jesus rarely gives a straight answer. Jesus often teaches in parables and even His disciples didn’t understand what He was saying (Mark 4, Parable of the Sower). When Pharisees and teachers of the law challenged Jesus with a question, He often responded back with a question. It was not the case in the encounter with the rich young ruler. Here we...

[Video] The Incoherence of Atheism and Jesus Among Other Gods


Today, I came across two Youtube videos from Ravi Zacharias. The Incoherence of Atheism Ravi Zacharias unpacks the fault in atheism.  Normal apologetics discussion tends to be heavy intellectual.  If you know who Ravi, you know he is no exception.  What I found different in this talk is how Ravi grips me the emotional darkness when a world is void of morals.   He shares about Stalin and the...

Finish Strong with the One You Love


Yesterday, Wai Jia and I completed our first triathlon together.  We had a great time.  It is awesome to be back into doing triathlon.  My last triathlon was in 2009.   It was great to be out and about. One of my friends in Canada just completed his first Ironman last night as well.  The race organizer set up a website to track each athlete’s progress.  There was a lot of anticipation as I saw...



Some people might hate it and some people might love it but I love Facebook.  I love Facebook because I get to catch up with all my friends back in Canada.   It is nice to see what they are up to like when my church had their summer retreat or a friend’s wedding.  Even though, I cannot be there physically, it is amazing how technology allows me to connect to someone half way around the world...

Starter and not a Finisher


Work’s network is down and so I am writing this blog via my phone. A few years ago, I was an avid blogger.   But lately, I found it very difficult to write a blog.  Actually, I would start but the it will never make it to the point when I click Publish. Yesterday as I was clearing up my desktop, I noticed I had a few posts I started but never finish.  It is clear that I am a starter and not...

The Lord’s Way


“Wai Jia, studying here feels like a dream.”   I told her as we entered Regent College. Two months ago, we went back to Canada for a short visit.  We spent time with my family. We visited Zion Fellowship Headquarter.  We had a small wedding for my friends and family.  After the celebration we decided to go to Vancouver to visit Regent College.  Regent College is a leading seminary in Canada. ...

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