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[Geek] Embedding Youtube videos are slowing down my site

On Friday, I did a speed test on my website.   This was my score.   Compare to when I just launched my site, there was a huge increase in requests, load time and page size.  Obviously the site at that time had no content.  It was fast and speedy. As I dig deeper, I […]

Making it Count for Life

This article is written by my wife, Tam Wai Jia.   It is posted at National Family Council (NFC).  NFC promotes family matters in Singapore.   All my life, I (Wai Jia) never had a boyfriend. When I was 24, I was certain I would not get married. After all, I was headstrong and fiercely independent. […]

The Great Porn Experiment

If pornography addiction is just like drug addiction, I wonder if the church can help porn addicts recover just as we do with drug addicts. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSF82AwSDiU

Between knees and tears

I had a revelation a few weeks ago.  It came after praying with much fear and tribulation.  I usually don’t pray on my knees.  I only do so when I really need to hear from the Lord.  One time after such prayers, I had the following thoughts… How come I always have to beg the […]