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First Time Preaching


Before Christmas we went to India on a ten day mission trip.  We were living with an American missionary couple and it was a great experience for us.  The lesson to stay flexible is a continuous reminder on this trip.  Originally we were supposed to go to visit churches in rural area.   We packed with basic necessities like drinking water.  Unfortunately, on the way there our guide’s father-in...

Merry Christmas


Wai Jia and I came back from a ten day mission trip before Christmas.  We had a great experience and we see how this trip prepared us when we go to Africa for long term mission. Today is Christmas and we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas together.  It is so good to see how a movie made in the 1965 can still speak to us about the commercilization of this festive and the true meaning of Christmas...

The poor you will always have with you


A while ago during fellowship, someone said, “well Jesus said we will always have the poor.” I wasn’t sure what we were talking about.  Maybe it was about the poor.  Then we talked about something else. For the longest time, I felt there’s something not right when it comes to using this line.  What does it really mean when we say that we will always have the poor?  More...

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