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Missing Home?


The other day, Wai Jia asked me if I miss home. I replied and asked which home? She gave me three options: Hong Kong – where I was born and lived until I was 8 Canada – where I lived for more than 20 years Singapore – where I was living for 2.5 years prior coming to Uganda I answered I don’t miss any of these places. When I was living in Singapore serving with OMF International, there were many...

Everyday is an adventure


We’ve been in Uganda a little more than two months now.   We had our fair share of stressful and unique experiences.  We are adjusting, adapting and at times enjoying the way life is like in Africa.  Some of our worst moments is the car broke down next to the street market and we don’t know what to do.  Or the many turns that we needed to take in order to obtain a work visa.  The process which...

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