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Devotion: Holy Spirit and Mission


My church in Canada is sending a youth team to Peru for mission. I made a video devotion focusing on the importance of seeking the Holy Spirit while doing mission.
I also included two examples of how the Holy Spirit worked in our lives. One of them happned here in Uganda.

How much data does Skype video use?


For those of us who are constraint with limited bandwidth, you will realize that video takes up a lot of bandwidth.  I’ve been doing tests on various video websites (youtube, Vimeo, BBC and CNN).  I also measure Skype video as well since most of us (especially those living aboard) Skype is a great tool to connect with our friends and family. I use NetLimiter to measure how much data Skype...

How much data BBC and CNN videos use?


After testing how much data Youtube and Vimeo video use, I tested BBC and CNN videos as well. If your data plan is limited, like me, you will want to know how much data videos are using (since they consume the most data) so you have an idea of how much you can watch a month without paying extra. Like the test for Youtube and Vimeo video, I use NetLimiter to measure data use in BBC and CNN video...

How much data Vimeo use?


A while ago I tested how much data Youtube use.  I also tested how much data Vimeo videos use as well. Once again, I use NetLimiter to measure my test.  Again I use a one minute video to test. The Vimeo video I used is One Minute Wonder – Kiah Victoria Wonders on Vimeo. Unlike Youtube, which has various quality settings, Vimeo only has two: Normal and HQ. Here are the results: Vimeo Video...

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