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Good and Good Enough


I had a conversation on FB and I like to share it here. The person wrote the following: Please define good and what is considered as good “enough”. Because we are all work in progress and we will never be good enough. Here’s my response: This is a ‘good’ question. It will be a longer-ish answer bc I want to cover all the bases (or the best that I can). Let’s...

The Subtlety of Pride


As someone with a liver transplant for thirty years, tests were done on me all the time. One common test is the blood test to measure my liver functions and the medication level in my bloodstream. Once in a while, I will have an ultrasound to scan the liver and make sure everything is ok. One month ago, my doctor suggested having an ultrasound done to make sure everything is ok. As I lay down on...

bending backward to share the joy of Christ to my kids


Growing up, my family never really celebrated Christmas. I remembered we use to put up a tree when I was small. But as we grew up, neither my sister nor myself felt the need to do any decoration. Mind you; we weren’t Christians. Though we were baptized as Catholics, we weren’t very religious. When I became a parent, it started to dawn on me the importance of Christmas. Especially now...

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