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Two weeks ago, I discovered that we have COVID. So all of us (me, my kiddies, and my mom) are isolated at home for seven days. It was crazy. I feel like God is stretching me. First, be a stay-at-home dad with Wai Jia. Then, Wai Jia is off to Africa while I look after them full-time. Now, is staying home with them. What do you do with two toddlers that need your attention all the time 24/7? Before...

Toil and Spin


Our Dwarf Sunflower! This is the dwarf sunflower we planted just before Wai Jia flew to Africa. I am such a garden newbie that I have no idea if it was weed or a sunflower when it was growing. Earlier this week, our neighbour told us that it bloomed. When I saw this flower, the first thing that dawned on me was what Jesus preached in Matthew 6. In Matthew 6:28, Jesus told His disciples to observe...

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