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Is ordinary good enough?


With both kids attending kindergarten, it is time for me to find some part-time work. As I update my resume, I have this constant voice telling me, “you are not good enough. Your achievement is so little. How are you going to stand out?” In life, we are often told or have an inner voice to tell us we need to be special. Even in marketing, you need to be different than anyone else. If...

Basing our identity on our works


If God can use David, a shepherd boy, He can use you. Anyone can be used by God You are special, and God has a plan for you. I noticed many encouraging sermons or talks wrapped around these messages lately. That you are special and don’t give up because God can still use you. The truth is that I also based my self-worth on what I am doing and accomplishing. So for the past few years as a...

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