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Having survived cancer and a liver transplant at the age of 10, Cliff’s inspirational story tells of a life of resilience and faith from the love of Christ. Cliff’s passion is to develop disciples of Christ by teaching the Word. He has been speaking at churches, colleges, and various events to share his story of compassion, faith, and endurance. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity with Zion Christian University.

Cliff started his journey with Christ in his last year at Ryerson University when a friend invited him to Mississauga Chinese Alliance Church. It was through this invitation that Cliff became a  follower of Jesus.

Cliff had a “God-encounter” experience when he participated in an Ironman Triathlon event (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run) in 2007 at Lake Placid, USA. Subsequently, Cliff signed a contract with God committing to seek God in all things. This dedication to follow Jesus wholeheartedly sparked a desire in Cliff’s heart to share the Good News and dive into the world of missions. Not only was he compelled to witness in the endurance sports scene and at work, God also began to mould his heart for the poor. It was not uncommon for Cliff to spend his time in the streets of Toronto with the homeless to share the love of Christ and preach the Word.


At the age of 32, he sold everything he had and left Canada to serve as a missionary. God led him to work at OMF International in Singapore, where his IT skills were much needed for their support work in missions. After marrying Wai Jia, they both went to Uganda as missionaries, where he taught and preached the Word, trained students in IT classes at a bible school, and started micro-enterprise projects, such as rabbit farming, among the poor.

When God called them to return to Singapore, Cliff was much needed at a strategic time, as Cornerstone Community Church needed his IT expertise to launch their church website and help with the missions department. 

Cliff went back to Canada to renew his healthcare and their first daughter was born.  Together, they went to the USA for Wai Jia to pursue her Masters of Public Health at John Hopkins University.  They returned to Canada after Wai Jia finished her study and their second daughter was born. 

Cliff served as the Executive Pastor of Lifehouse Church during their season in Canada. 

He is currently pursuing Masters of Divinity (M Div) with Zion Christian University (online). They are now back in Singapore waiting for the Lord to lead them on their next adventure.

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  1. Hi,
    Never heard your full story when we met. Very encouraging. Thank you for the chocolates and card.

  2. Hi Cliff … Glad to see your posts are back after a hiatus. I found you while doing an internet search for Jesus follower and triathlon … gotta love the Google search engine.

    I’m a Christian, husband to my wife Charlot for 27 years and a fairly new triathlete for the last three years (Sprint through 70.3).

    Just wanted to say thanks for your faithfulness, and willingness to share your journey via the blog. Looking forward to future installments.

    God bless,